The Battle of the Personified-Hand Music Video…

There is a great and honorable title at stake tonight, my friends.  What is this title I speak of?  Why, nothing more than the title for the BEST PERSONIFIED-HAND MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL TIME.  I know what you’re thinking…with the all of those fantastic music videos out there that showcase hands being personified…how will we EVER be able to decide on just one winner?!  Do not fret, my little blog readers, because tonight a champion will be crowned.

We start off tonight’s battle with the defending champion — a video for the song entitled “Dog Problems” by The Format.  It is not going to be easy fight.  The challenger will have to beat this music video that is so successful at personification, there are times you forget you are just watching a human hand and not some weird, little cousin of the naked mole rat with a broken heart and a fedora.  That description may have alarmed some of you that have not yet seen the video.  And for that, I am sorry.  Not for my description of it…but because you haven’t seen it yet.  Here’s a chance to redeem yourself:

Challenging that hilarious little piece is a contender new to the ring — the video for the song, “I Hope This Gets To You” by The Daylights.  This fresh fighter was found on the streets by a man that goes by the name, Matthew Hardgrove…known to some as “Matt.”  Although this video is not as well-seasoned as The Format’s, (which is about four years old), do not underestimate it’s proficiency in hand-personification…or its very crucial secret weapon: a tragic love story intro.  LET THE FIGHT BEGIN.

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One Response to The Battle of the Personified-Hand Music Video…

  1. Kelsey Martin says:

    There is something very endearing about that little mole-rat hand. I say… (although I love the Daylight’s video…) DOG PROBLEMS holds the title!

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